36 weeks (Sunday morning) and little/no sleep


Monday was spent relaxing and napping while waking every 30 min, then picking up the man-child to take him to his dental appointment. After we went and indulged mommy’s new craving and one of little man’s new favorite drinks from Dairy Queen.

Hawaiian Blizzard… So yummy!

Jake’s Arctic Rush

Came home and relaxed. Hubby made dinner and we decided to go on out to Lowes to buy the new fridge. But the door bell rang and there were our friend’s Chris and Rick (his dad) and behind them was Baby Blue!!!!!! Little sneaks!!!! They drove her out to us! They told us that they received 2 offers from guys just on the drive out and gave me their cards… lol… might be something I’m willing to consider if the price is right. Immediately little man and I hopped into the front seat and took her for ride down the street. Hubby and son drove her to Lowes (his first time driving her) while I followed behind, just in case.  😉 Got there with the intention to buy a top freezer fridge and then saw a bottom freezer one with tons of fridge room…. For less than $1,100 with 4 year warranty!!!! Hubby wanted it more than the other one so we went with it and it will be here next week! Yay, no longer will have to defrost the milk in the morning… hahaha!!! I drove Baby Blue back home. Got her up to 55…. Speedometer is off a bit too because hubby said I was going 60-65……. But she sounds soooooo awesome and drives great!!!!! Now normally I can handle the smell of the engine/car…. But during the drive it was making me a bit nauseous….. Whihttps://youtu.be/w8HZ_nwp7dAch means if I don’t sell her this little man needs to come out soon so I can drive her without feeling sick!!!


I have been trying my hardest to take it easy and we will see next Monday how big baby is and what we’ll be doing the following weeks. We both decided after the last appointment that a c-section would be the best option for delivery. Went over everything with the docs, including the med records from when the 7yr old man-child was born and it was not leaning anywhere close to being favorable for me having a VBAC…. So instead of going through the pushing stress and baby not being able to even pass through because I am too small and/or putting baby through the stress and having to go into a c-section or emergency c-section we’re going to try and just schedule for it to take place… Either the first or second week of April since they schedule at least a week before due date….  I’m hoping I’ll be able to go back to work for the last week or two, but the hubby is pretty adamant that I stay home. I’m getting a little taste of being a SAHM. Not so bad…. But it is driving me crazy that I can’t do even half of what I would normally do…. That will change after baby comes of course and I won’t feel so utterly useless…..

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