Just Another Manic Monday


I will be signing under choosing a VBAC!!! :))

The day started with having to wake up earlier than I normally would for a paid day off. Today was the big appointment that I have been waiting weeks for. The appointment to be seen and get the ball rolling on giving birth to our son via VBAC. I hardly slept a wink last night, my mind was going a million miles an hour and it didn’t help that the power kept going out leaving me without a fan and messing with the alarm clock. Anxious, Yes. Excited to be seen at one of very few Baby Friendly Rated hospitals throughout the US (maybe about 100 of them all throughout the US), definitely!!!! After a long detailed appointment (which has been completely lacking with the other location I had been going to) I was and am more confident in giving birth to our son naturally now more than ever before. Of course, they did explain the possibilities of the most severe complications (which I admit does scare the crap out of me) but even with that it is so rare that these happen (1% of births via VBACs) that I am sucking it up and going for it. My hubby is happy that I decided to do so. :)) Me…. I’m nervous. Will I do so without medication, no. There are those women out there who do so without anything, and that is great, god on them! But me, when it comes to the back labor I went through with my first son, there is just no way. Since I am considered a “high risk” pregnancy, I will more than likely be going out to this hospital for appointments once a week until the birth. 55 days to go! 🙂

http://www.acog.org/For_Patients – Excellent resource for us preggo folk.

After the appointment we went to a second hand store called Once Upon A Child. Let’s just say that we were there for over an hour!!! It reminded me of a store back in Aurora, CO called Kid to Kid. This place was amazing! A bit overstocked and overwhelming, but still an absolute gold mine for kids clothes and toys! Ranges were from new born to preteen in clothing and new born to older toddler with toys. We managed to find numerous toys from the baby’s wish list there for a quarter of the price in excellent condition! Then with summer coming up we were about to get our 7 year old new (used) name brand shorts in perfect condition, and of course I caved in and found a couple more baby clothes…. I need to stop buying clothes for the baby… Clothing wise we are pretty much set, especially with my father shipping out baby clothes that I had saved from when our 7yr old was a baby. He’s also sending out our son’s old bassinet!!!! (This is another one of the few things I just could not ever part with). SO excited to finally start setting everything up. Oh! And we managed to find a $130 excellent condition stroller for only $40 off of the local yard sale website out here. Yep, thrifty shoppers indeed. (The only things I will not by used are a car seat and crib.) We did find the perfect crib at Target for under $150, this will be something that we get for baby Mikey when he is close to out growing the bassinet. We did cave and buy a new pack n’ play from Target today…. Haven’t been able to find a decent one through yard sales or craigslist. (This will be something we hold onto this time around though, of course I kick myself in the butt for all the things that I have sold via yard sales and second hand stores throughout all these years….) And, we still have the highchair our son originally used that I love so much and just never could part with. (It helped that my friend Ashley used it for her two boys as well!) :))

All in all, today turned out to be a very productive Baby B day and his Big Brother did great throughout the entire crazy, run around day!! :))) Now…… To just get this house in some sort of order….. Sigh…. 😝

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