This past week has been one of the most rewarding, boring, painful, sleepless and all around relaxing weeks of my pregnancy thus far. Last Monday I was told to be home and take it easy for the next two weeks until I could be seen again. Not placed on bed rest but told to relax to have the contraction episodes stop. The first couple days I got a bit of cabin fever/distressed over everything that still needed to be done…. Yes, I tried to get it all done on my own… To the point of more pain and contractions and then of course immediately taking the doctor’s orders to heart and began relaxing.


Friday the hubby had a St. Patrick’s Day Golf Tournement and since he wasn’t going to be home until later (he’s been taking care of dinner) I decided to make corn beef and cabbage in the crock pot. Easy enough, except for the wonderful aroma throughout the house all day making me want to eat everything in sight….

Friday night was filled with tossing and turning and PAIN, lots and lots of pain. So much that I woke up after a couple hours in tears and asking my hubby to rub my back. That didn’t work so I took a very hot shower, mainly on all fours letting the water hit my back full force. No help there either…. That’s when I caved and took an ambien… The docs have prescribed me with flexril and ambien. I hate taking meds, especially when pregnant. It is bad enough I have to shoot myself up daily with blood thinner, but now these in order to get “some” sleep and pain relief….??? Since eight days ago when I got these I have taken them 3 times in an effort to find the sandman. They lasted all about 3-4 hours and I was up again middle of the night/early morning with the same or more pain. So I stopped taking them and have been working with 2-3 hours of broken sleep at a time.

The couch has become my place of solace. Comfort during the day of sitting or napping and comfort at night of sleeping/napping. The baby belly is so big it is difficult to turn from one side to another in bed without pushing/shoving my body in that direction. I compare it to doing a sit-up with 25lbs of extra weight being strapped onto the chest… (man if this were the way it was I’d have abs of steel right now… lol). So when I wake up between 1-3am I mosey onto the couch and find sleep faster there then in bed. Besides the comfort I don’t like the idea of waking the hubby so much at night with all that he does and is doing during the day with all of my tossing and turning.


Saturday was a crawfish boil with the hubby’s co-workers. It also happened to be a gorgeously WARM day out. I sat out talking to several wives while taking in the rays, ate some very spicy crawfish, and drank lots of water. Then it hit me, that need to potty but nothing there…. Pain had been generating throughout my back and belly for a couple days already and now dehydration. I had been drinking water all day, but just not enough. So, I found a cozy spot on the couch inside and downed a few bottles in little time. The man-child was having a blast making lots of new friends and the hubby was having a blast hanging out with his buddies and drinking some drinks for the both of us… hahaha.. So I relaxed and read a book on my kindle on my phone. Then the dessert table requested my guarding…. Needless to say, I caved and sat my prego butt there and consumed 2 pieces of cake, endless amount of apples and fruit dip, and a couple little cupcake like desserts with cherries and glaze on top…. Good for my blood sugar? Not so much, but I figured one binge day was well deserved for all the pain the littlest dude was having me endure. We were there into the evening and grabbed a big bag of food to go and took it to their friend on base that was on duty and didn’t get to make the party.


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