Busy Busy Sickly Bee

So I know it has been over a week since I last updated with words. (I missed my Motivation Monday post because I really wasn’t too motivated with 103.9 fever…. YIKES!) Oh where to start! Last week was extremely busy. I went into work and showed the baby off again, caught up on the latest, and attempted to infiltrate my computer. Having been shut down for so long and being run by NMCI, the damn thing did not want to load in the timely manner I needed it to. So I let it be and told it I would be back. Thursday I had my post-op appointment. In all honesty I drove 2 hours for the doc to ask if I was having any postpartum depression….. Really? Couldn’t just ask me that shit over the phone or send me the 8 question questioner via email? At least while I was out there I was able to get the baby’s birth certificate and some Jimmy John’s, (that place was my crack while I was pregnant). Now the littlest man is signed up in DEERS and TriCare. Check that off the never ending to-do-list!!! The husband was busy all week with getting everything arranged for his units static display at the Air Show. He came home one day looking part lobster, part raccoon…… Sunblock anyone??? All I thought with this was it better not look like that next weekend (which is now this weekend coming up) because we have family and baby pictures scheduled with a family friend out in J-Ville.Ā Timeless Photography. I have been wanting to have her do pictures for us for a couple years now and am so excited that she worked with us to have them done on a weekend! Her hubby is a co-worker of mine (per-say) with the VA and their oldest son Chris became a great buddy of ours over the past couple years. Her hubby Rick has been a huge help with my 67 Chevelle and getting it running (now she chirps during take off and sounds f’in aggressive). :))

This past Friday night we attended the Cherry Point Air Show’s night show. That was fun and our 7 yr old Jacob had a blast. He had a slight cough but I really didn’t think much of it. He was acting fine. This also happened to be our newborn son’s first Air Show (he slept through 90% of it, until of course he was hungry and needed to be changed). Come Saturday though Jake was irritable but still wanted to go to the Air Show. Baby Mikey had been a bit irritable too but I chalked it up to him having a growth spurt and eating every hour to 2 hours. The Air Show went over well with a few breakdowns from both kids. Hubby was able to get tickets to sit in the Blue Angel box seating. That was awesome and our oldest loved it at first. Then it became boring/he wanted to go on the tanks more than watch the show. Sometimes I don’t get that kid… Luckily I “convinced” him to hang out there and we’d do all the other activities the next day, because soon after we were invited to meet the pilots and have a picture taken out on the flight line by one of DH’s bosses. AWESOME!!!!!
However, after that I took the boys home and that was it. All three of us were sick. Lucky for us it has only been fevers, coughs, stuffy noses and body aches. I have blown through (literally) 2 boxes of tissues already. BLAH. Thanks you to my little 1st grader for bringing home the crud. I hate the fact that I catch colds/bugs so easily! I hate that our newborn caught a bit of it too. šŸ™ He does not like having his nose cleared with suction, he screams like I am doing the worst possible thing in the world to him. LOL. Ok, it is a little amusing but having to hold his head still is almost a two man operation! He hasn’t had a fever thank goodness. But of course I started questioning breastfeeding him while being as sick as I was. Then I found this articleĀ “When a Nursing Mom Gets Sick”Ā  It has some great information throughout it and on Tuesday at his 1 month appointment the doc said not to worry about feeding him, he’ll get the antibodies from me and that he is perfectly healthy minus the congestion.
So at his appointment on Tuesday he was 10.5lbs and 23.5in tall!!!! That little booger gained 2lbs in 2 weeks! :)) Even daddy was saying how he is getting heavy while holding him at the Air Show.
Breast milk, it does a baby good! :))

So, since Sunday the boys and I have been home, resting, getting rid of the crud….. It has put a damper on my exercising and being able to sleep while baby sleeps… Then add to the raw, peeling nose I have…. Pictures might have to be put off another week. :-/

As for deciding on what to do with work….. Yeeaaaaaaaa…… Still a little undecided there. I was heavily leaning toward staying home last week and then this week I just don’t know. I do have the opportunity to work from home with another job… I’m looking more into that first. I just know it is going to be a haul to take care of the home front and work full time while the hubby is away, which might be coming up again here very soon for trainings and schooling that he is working toward attending. (This is a fact that he brought up in an attempt to “help” me choose SAHM, which is what he wants). My Pro’s & Con’s list continues to grow….


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